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MIWOC - Migrant Women: Integration through creativity

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, Life Long Learning Programme. This document reflects the views of the authors only, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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Migrant Women:

Integration through creativity



Facilitating the integration of migrant women in the hosting society and their active involvement in the community life, experiencing informal learning actions.


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To value:

  • the creativity of migrant women
  • the individual empowerment
  • their business skills potential

To provide:

  • key opportunities to foster social inclusion


  • the production of artistic handcrafts of the origin country
  • the realisation of typical products and technical objects
  • the preparation of theatre pièces and shows



Informal learning actions will be carried on centred on the following "key skills"

  • foreign languages communication
  • digital skills
  • social and civic skills
  • entrepreneurial skills
  • application of numbers
  • cultural awareness


The consortium grants

  • high quality implementation about the key issues of migrant women’s integration
  • wide spread dissemination of MI.WO.C. Partnership results


Through the realisation of

  • partnership platform, containing pictures and experiences of the project outcomes
  • project website


European added value 

  • The EU impact, foreseen by the project development, is
  • better integration of women
  • less diffidence from the natives toward different cultures
  • better inter-generational comprehension
  • better integration of the family in the new social context
  • acceptance and mutual respect
  • participation of migrant women in the social life
  • openness toward new markets
  • valorisation of women business
  • valorisation of origin cultures of the migrant women
  • less rootlessness of women who are immigrant as a consequence of having followed their family



ARSAP - Impresa Sociale



Institut für gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung, Bildung und Information


Estonia State Organization of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Association Nux Vomica


Volkshochschule Leer

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca 



Short-term impact:

  • for migrant women
  • better knowledge of integration possibilities
  • improvement of key competences, linked to the specific informal learning actions to be realised by each partner
  • knowledge improvement about the rules and the cultures of the hosting countries
  • empowerment and self-esteem strengthen to be spend in each domain of life experiences
  • b) for the local community in which the partner institutions work
  • Creation of contacts with other communities to favour the integration of migrant women
  • Exchange of experiences among natives and migrant women

Medium/long-term impact:

 a)  for migrant women

  • Integration with the local community
  • Resolution of inter-generaltional conflicts in the families
  • Valorisation of migrant women potentialities

 b)  for the local community in which the partner institutions work

  • Initiatives of training and valorisation of the activities and the potentialities expressed by migrant women
  • Organisation of twinning among the various cities


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